The years just after the war were very difficult when John Elenidis had an idea that was to change everything regarding flavor. Selling milk till then and making rice pudding and cream won the love of the people, and went one step further: He started in 1956, to make pastries from pastry sheets filled with his own cream. The pastry sheet was handmade, the ingredients were carefully chosen, the recipe was unique and John Elenidis added his passion and created the triangle that is loved and famous throughout Greece.

It was the pastry that was to go down in history as Elenidi triangle, thanks to the creator and later to become known as Panorama triangle taking the name of the region. These triangles, with the same quality and made with the same recipe and always with fresh and carefully selected ingredients, can be found, even today, in the stores where Vangelis and Kostas, children of John Elenidis continue the family tradition while keeping the secret that makes the triangles in the box with the sign 'El' stand.

The triangles like all Elenidis products are handmade.

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